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Baldi's Basics Map Pack currently mimics what is Baldi's Basics Plus, however as more updates for this mod are produced, it'll begin to seem less like a Baldi's Basics Plus copy "for free". It still will contain minor things like screen transitions, midi player usage, premade random levels created from the level generator (As such, the random level generator is NOT at all in the game's code, therefore I can't exactly get into any legal trouble). Plus characters are planned to get phased out of this mod around V1.0, however if I feel like characters like Mrs. Pomp should still be here, then I'll keep her, but Beans isn't exactly necessary, and neither is The Test really.

Oh, and it'll also include more scary things as well!

Original Credits

The original game belongs to Basically Games(Micah McGonigal)

The full game (Baldi's Basics Plus) belongs to Basically Games(Micah McGonigal)

JohnsterSpaceProgram help from the beginning.

ConnorPizzaOnWheels helping me finish the Tobe's Place screen and finalize the design, as well as make the Tobe sprites.

rapparep lol giving me ideas

WowzaboiModder will be voicing Tobe in much later builds of the game

And all of the people who willingly sent me posters to put into the game.

more screenshots to come!

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StatusOn hold
CategoryGame mod
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TagsFirst-Person, Horror, Retro, satire, Surreal
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

I recommend downloading WinRAR to extract these files, first after you've downloaded this file. Locate it in your downloads. Right Click on it and then press extract and it should be packed in a folder by itself! Enjoy Playing.


Baldi's Basics Map Pack Floor One Demo V0.2.4.zip 75 MB

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